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When you start your home renovation the process can be painful and pleasureful at the same time. You will definitely imagine yourself spending a good amount of time in the space you designed, but it’s all that enjoyment will come at a steep cost sometimes. To make sure you’ll succeed with your home renovation project and your enjoyment will be full, a 3D Visualization can be worth the small investment bore you start.

From just 1 room renovation such as a bathroom remodel or bedroom remodel to a bigger project of home renovation which will include multiple rooms or an entire floor such as the basement or finishing an attic space a 3D Visualization will help you visualize the space, and catch any potential problems before construction starts.



A 3D Visualization of your remodeling ideas can help you see potential problems in the living space before you invest your money in materials and labor. A 3D Visualization can help you with:

  1. Visualize interior home design ideas such as color schemes, textures, materials, kitchen cabinetry layout.
  2. Visualize the style of specific fixtures such as lighting, sinks, vanities, toilets, etc…
  3. Visualize the layout of your home and discuss potential wall removal with your general contractor for open layout kitchen and living room in your home remodeling project.

While you may be able to visualize your home renovation project in your head, seeing it in a digital or printed format can help you see things from a new perspective.


The scale of your home remodeling project will show you the type of renderings you may want to spend on. There are a few different types of 3D renderings to choose from.

  1. Aerial Visualization– these provide a drone view above your house. This will be useful to determine if you can extend the footprint of your home of course if the building regulations in your area allows it.
  2. Exterior renderings– these will show up a close look o f the exterior of the house showing you more details than an aerial rendering. Those will help you if you decide to replace your siding or roof so you can choose the colors and materials easier. Materials like bricks, stone types, siding, or stucco selections. For the roof definitely the color of the shingles roofing, trim, color combinations or a potential extra room expansion.
  3. Interior Renderings– Those are perfect for choosing the best colors for your house, different types of crown moldings, check if you should remove a specific walls or you should keep them in place. Really helpful when you try to choose a kitchen cabinetry and kitchen layout.
  4. 3D Floorplan Renderings – those are perfect for bigger renovation projects that includes a multiple rooms or the entire home. 3D Floor plan renderings will help you visualize the entire space, the layout of the rooms and the exact position of the newly planed house extension. You can plan all of the entries and exists of that space. SITL Home Renovation and Design offers Interior Visualization and 3d Floor plan renderings for your home renovation projects in the entire Fairfield County.


3D Visualization can cost as little as a couple of hundred dollars to a few thousand depending on the scope of your home renovation project. If your remodeling project is one room such as a bathroom remodel only you can expect to pay anywhere from $400 for a basic rendering to $700 and up for a custom rendering which includes custom colors on the walls, textures, and fixtures, stall showers or bathtubs included. Larger projects such as multi-rooms or an entire floor can go up to $2000 for the entire house home renovation project and still depending on the details you want to be included in the project.


Regardless of how big your home renovation project is, your investment in 3D Visualization is definitely smaller when you compare it to the cost of the actual home renovation. It’s really normal for one-room renovations to cost $5,000 for a very basic room construction cost to tens of thousands of dollars for a high-end bathroom or kitchen renovation. If you’re finishing your basement or renovating multiple rooms, your renovation could easily cost north of $50,000.

If you happen to make changes to your remodel project based on your 3D Visualization, then the cost of the renderings is really small if you compare it to the damage you can make to your budget if you decide to make changes after the construction is in progress.

3D Visualization properly used, it can be the perfect tool to show clients, and co-workers how the project will look, find and fix problems or conflicts before actually building it. Also, you can show all clients how the project will actually look alike, not just be limited to flat, abstract line drawing plans.

SITL Home Renovation and Design 3D Visualization process

We can create 3D Visualization from any design source that you decide on.  Our team can work from hand sketches, CAD files, PDFs, even photographs.  The majority of our clients work with us remotely, meaning that all aspects of the job – documenting the design, meetings, submittals, reviews and final deliveries – all happen online.  Get started with our Free Estimate – once we’ve reviewed your project, we can typically provide a detailed proposal including schedule, milestone deliverables and fixed fee in 2-3 business days.

The Experience

Our architects understand construction detailing and have a fluency in design concepts, lighting, materials, finishes, and the latest design trends.  Add to that our state-of-the-art modeling and rendering expertise, and a photographer’s eye for detail and drama.  It all means that we have the talent and tools to bring your design to life on a budget and on time.

Residential experience

We create interior renderings like we’re doing a photoshoot for a glossy magazine cover, conjuring light, shadow and color to create drama.  

With 3D Visualization and architectural visualization, building or structural designs can be reviewed before being materialized. These designs can be used for cost estimation/optimization, finalizing the materials to be used, eliminating design flaws (if any), upscale or downsize a design, evaluate its sustainability under different environmental conditions, etc. Necessary changes can be implemented to suit the requirements of the client home renovation project before beginning construction to save time along with money. Also, our SITL Home Renovation and Design 3D Visualization software have design features coded into them which produce output as per the given command. So, major changes can be made or intricate details can be added to a design conveniently.

Our work often isn’t just ‘remodeling projects’ for clients. It is a warm and cozy home where they could grow old or a world-class shopping complex or an office building which could earn them a fortune, clients are usually emotionally inclined towards the remodeling project they are investing in. Not just the architect they too put in much thought into what their home should look and feel like. It’s important for us at SITL Home Renovation and Design to respect their feelings. This is where technology helps.

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